About Us



“Binding Excellent Quality with Excellent Service”

      Jiftex Polymers is one of the pioneer producers of Water Based Emulsion Polymers and Adhesives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have started in 2003 and since then we have been growing rapidly. We produce different types of Water Based Emulsions supporting Paints, Construction Chemicals, Adhesives and other industries. Our current capacity is 2000 tons per year and will be doubled in the next few months incorporating a state of the art and fully automated technology.

Our product lists includes, but not limited to, the following:

           ♦  Styrene Acrylic

           ♦ Acrylics for Construction Chemicals industries

           ♦ Copolymer, VAM/ Acrylic, VAM/ Veova

           ♦ Terpolymer, Vam/Acrylic/Veova

           ♦ Homopolymer

           ♦ Defoaming and Antifoaming Agents

           ♦ Paper Core Adhesives

           ♦ Carpet Adhesives

           ♦ Carpet Latex

           ♦ Multipurpose Adhesives ( Contact, Cement and Sprayable)

 Strongly believing in implementing the customer centered organization concept, we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements in all our levels from labors through general management.


Work closely with our customers to develop, meet and satisfy their production requirements at the highest standards.


To become a regional one stop shop for quality Polymers, Adhesives & Additives, serving the water based chemicals industries.