Polymer Emulsions

Polymer Emulsions for Textile

Carpet Backcoating Adhesive
Jiftex CL-0055 is a water based dispersion / emulsion of viny1 acetate Homopolymer.
JIFTEX CL-0055 is a standard emulsion to make quick tack glue, textile impregnation & binding for carpet weaving.

Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals
Foaming Agent
Acrylic Thickener
Carpet Softener
Wetting Agent
Anti-Foaming Agent
Carrier For Duying Polyester Yaran

Stiffening Agent / Finishing
Textile binders are applies to fabrics to increase their strength and stiffness for flock finishing of cloth and plastic. And used for non-woven binding, cloth Backcoating.


Polymer Emulsions for Adhesive

Paper (Tube) Core Adhesive used as paper (Tube) Core winding Adhesive